Thursday, March 24, 2011

OKF Aloe Vera King *Peach*

I just recently did a review on OKF Aloe Vera King Strawberry. This made me think... if the Strawberry is good, maybe the peach is just as good. However, you'll see that things aren't always as they seem. Again, this beverage comes from OKF, as another part of their Aloe Vera Drink line.
Peach and Aloe, YUM!
As I mentioned in my earlier review, this line of drinks is either going to be one you LOVE or HATE. 2 strong words for 2 equally strong drinks. The peach "flavoring" is very strong in this beverage but is extremely refreshing. I think when you drink this, you'll need to prepare yourself for a sweet and sour explosion. This seems to be something that would normally be marketed to kids I believe. I've tried to water this drink down to dull down a bit of the intensity, but it tasted pretty bland and not really all that appealing.
Again, I opted for the 1.5L variety
When it comes to drinks there isn't much to say on actual "nutritional" value. However I believe there is a common belief / understanding that this aloe drink will ease some urinal tract issues as well as intestinal ones. The aloe is in suspension with no particulates really settling to the bottom. I do recommend when drinking this you shake it BEFORE you drink it since you get a much more even distribution. I'd say that this drink could / would go really nicely with something a bit more salty/cheesy since you'd have a bunch of tastes going on at once. I tried this with Pocky (chocolate), and it worked out well because the chocolate is actually a bit more bitter than your normal brand here in the states.
Kind of looks ... "Milky"
All that said, this is a heck of a drink and there is nothing like this here mass produced in the states. If you can get by the aloe vera chunks/gel, this would be a solid 'backup' drink. Hehe. Anyway I paid $2.89 for this as well, and was REALLY a good choice. My final verdict is 7.5 out of 10, as I need to give it lower marks because of the strength, aloe chunks, and low availability/value. This drink makes me happy, and is a joy to drink at any time, morning noon or night... Now go out and try it and see if you like it as much as I do.



  1. I totally agree! I tried the aloe vera original flavour in Poland and I love it but no one else around me seems to. I find it very refreshing (especially chilled) with a clean aftertaste and have always loved having bits of fruit floating around in my drink. I'm trying to find out where I can get my hands on more in London!

    1. Good luck in your adventures looking for this. PLEASE let me know if you find it.

  2. I bought this today at my Local Farmer's Market. It was delicious and my fiance and I both enjoyed it immensely. I love just about anything peach flavored to begin with, so this was a winner with us.
    I did have some slight digestion discomfort. I'm not 100% sure if its from the aloe.. but apparently aloe has been used medicinally to relief constipation soooo.. lol be careful guys.

    1. Yeah, I've had that 'result' as well. Not every time I consume... but a lot. Anyway, I'd drink this at any time of year, especially when it's REALLY hot and the drink is ICE cold.

  3. I don't think the peach flavor was to strong at all and I actually like the chunks in it for the added texture. I have been looking for something healthy to replace my Starbucks canned double shot I have every morning and I think I found just that. Considering I haven't found hardly any health drinks that I actually liked, I would give this drink a solid 10 God bless!