Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Post to my Followers (and a mystery review)

Hey guys! As you're probably reading this you're either one of a couple things. Either you're reading this blog for  the first time, and if that's you... welcome! However I am willing to admit, I've been less than thorough with this blog. I will say that it DID start off as a hobby and that's exactly what it is. When it comes to hobbies, as a married man... there just isn't room for as many I had before.

That said... PLEASE guys, who are my readers, let me know if and what you want to see from me. I'm here to entertain you guys. I do have a suggestion and here goes! I'd LOVE it if you guys and gals (my followers) ask me what I should review next? I know it sounds crazy, but let me know of something you either enjoy or think I would? Please don't suggest something that's incredibly dangerous, spicy or otherwise unsavory. Bottom line, I want to know what you guys and gals like... that might just kick-start me!

Thanks again!

Here's a random picture for ya! From my vacation!

Thanks again to my loyal readers,