Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bawls Energy Drink Review! REGULAR and EXXTRA Flavors!!

So in shopping I come across products that are either interesting and or eye catching. This is one of those products, just not on product name but bottle shape. I have to be honest, I've heard of these from Think Geek, since they specialize in some of the more rare energy drinks. However, the local grocery store had these and I was more than excited to see that so I grabbed one of each. Not really knowing the difference in the two flavors and or caffeine content...I grabbed them both.
Such a cool bottle!
This is the original flavored Bawls drink, and certainly my expectations were high from the moment I picked it up. I didn't really notice what flavor it was supposed to be but suffice to say this is probably tied for the best tasting energy drink I've had, BING energy drink. So when I was trying this for the first time, I'd have to say, my first impression was that there was a ton of carbonation in it. There was definitely a good amount of sweetness and all that, however I believe there wasn't a LOT of caffeine or other energy products in it.
Got to love the warning label!! Read it :)
Last couple thing I'll say is, the label is at least humorous. However, the big appeal for this is the bottle, however they print directly onto the glass, so you can't really re-use it unless you really like the label. My fiancĂ©e wanted to keep it for maybe a small flower vase, but yeah, with the name Bawls, not something to keep out in open I suppose, you know with kids and all that...
On to the second part, since this is a 2 part review :-). I'm unaware if they make any other kinds, however I will say that right on the cap (pictured below), the EXXTRA variety has more caffeine in it, and you can certainly taste it. Again, not really a huge complaint, but this drink has less sugar and more caffeine, a certain recipe for disaster. I'd like to say that Bawls may have missed the boat on this one, however, I think with the extra caffeine, it's certainly admissible, because it actually tasted more like a traditional energy drink. It kind of tastes more like club soda and less like a soft drink. So unless you really are only drinking this one for a caffeine buzz, buy the regular flavor (blue bottle).
Woo hoo! More caffeine!!
In closing, the drink has a funny, and certainly catchy name, but both these flavors have their perks. If you want a buzz, get the EXXTRA. However if you're looking for a fair buzz, that has a much more mellow and smooth taste (by energy drink standards), try the regular. Bottom line, if you're looking to try a new energy drink, definitely try these ones... you might like them both!

Thanks again for taking time to read!