Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jammie Dodgers (REVIEW)

Well hey it's been some time. I'm real sorry any of those who have been following my page. Again I'm REALLY sorry... I've been busy but it's no excuse. I owe it to you guys to do better... anyway!

Bright and Inviting Packaging
For my first review back, I went a little 'safe' and went with a relatively familiar snack food, Jammie Dodgers. My expectations were actually pretty high, believe it or not... unfortunately as you'll read ... that's not always a good thing.

Anyway Jammie Dodgers are a treat for children living in the UK, and that part of the world. Personally I had only heard about this by word of mouth. Honestly they said they don't have GREAT memories of them, however I still thought i'd at least try.
Looks cute... :-)
Like I mentioned before, my expectations were pretty high... well wow... Was I really disappointed. I was expecting something real sweet with a shortbread butter taste. I don't think they were expired, but they tasted like it. It was almost like bitter and 'sour' I guess. I mean, the filling was O-K at best, but wow was it not good. Also the aftertaste was horrible. 

Overall I would say PASS on these, I personally will not be buying these... ever again. I'd give these maybe a 3 out of 10. However, I could go for some other UK Treats!

Thanks again! STOCKY