Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Vinh Long *Shrimp and Mushroom Rice Plate*

As most of you may already know, I'm a huge fan of Vinh Long's restaurant here in Nashville. What you may NOT know is that I was born and raised Catholic. What that means is that I observe Lent. If you'd like more information on this religious practice, click here. Basically for those who want to know, Fridays during this period we are prohibited from consuming red meat, along with a couple other things, however this is the big one. That said I strayed from my normal beef and carrot stew... and suffice to say, I wasn't disappointed.

Semi-Touched plate... couldn't resist! ;-)
That aside, this will likely be one of my shorter reviews, but hey it DID take me a while to settle on this menu item. I tell you, squid particularly, which was pretty prevalent on this menu, was not going to be an option.I tell you what, I may in the future try it, but hell ... I can't justify it. As I mentioned a bunch of times before, I won't eat anything that will potentially get me sick, or otherwise nauseate me. Thankfully this dish did not disappoint  and was at a reasonable price point $8.75. I would say that's a bit high for Shrimp and Mushroom Teriyaki. However the sauce, doesn't taste like all the other Teriyaki sauces I've had before, more salty than tangy. It's a great contrast on two or three foods that go good with salt (Rice, Shrimp, and Mushrooms). 
A bit closer in, DIG IN!

That said, if you're looking for a solid alternative, or in my case, disallowed to eat meat on a Friday during Lent, this is a SOLID option. Bottom line, not as good as the beef and carrot stew, but a good change of pace and a solid second place plate. I could see that some people might not be a fan of a more savory dish, but I've never shied away from a good savory dish! Thanks for reading and supporting Bloggers, and my food habit -